Welcome to my collection of short  and easy to understand courses. I will hold your hand to start your blogging journey, define your niche, create quality content and make money from your blog. This collection covers courses and E-books on all things blogging, worksheets, writing your dream book, creating and designing digital products for sell on your blog. Before selecting, be sure to read through the briefings of the course. I will be here if you need my direct help

Newbie To Blog Boss-Video practical and Voice over training-5000 Naira


At the end of this coaching program, you should be equipped with simple strategy to start a profitable blog, drive traffic and monetize

Delivery: Via online private voice over slides and video practical. You can be anywhere in the world and join this coaching program

What you will learn:

Module 1 – Blogging Mindset

Module 2 – Find your Niche, hosting, domain, google analytics tour

Module 3 -Engineering your content for promotions 

Module 4 -Effective strategy for driving traffic to your blog

Module 5 – Building your email list and Conversion

Module 6 – Make Money blogging

Coach: The Smart Blogger

Duration: 1hr:30 mins for each module

Clarity Session-One on one call with the Smart Blogger-10,000 Naira

The one-on-one consultation session with The Smart Blogger is designed to attend allow you freely pick my brain with regards to your blogging journey. To bring you clarity and bring you into my inner circle.

Do you need someone to be accountable to?

Do you need someone to push and motivate your journey?

Do you need to brainstorm blogging ideas and define your niche?

Do you need an external individual to look into your blog, analyze it and bring a bird’s view?

​If you need real results, get an executioner and capable coach

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An easy to digest checklist and guideline to strat a profitable blog and generate readership. Today!

Get access to my ultimate checklist for starting a profitable blog, finding your niche and building your readership from day one

You don’t necessarily need to be a good writer to start a blog

Starting a blog is one simple step with WordPress; a drag and drop builder but making money from your blog while writing about your passion and impacting people is another mystery for most persons. Luckily for you, I already did the whole work and compiled everything you need to know inside this easy guide

An easy to follow and understand; step by step guide for aspiring bloggers who lack a clue about the complex world of blogging

This simple eBook covers everything you need to know about Starting a Blog that actually makes money. An easy to follow template To Create Content That Rocks, Build Traffic, And Turn Your Blogging Passion Into money

If you are looking for  a get rich quick and unrealistic promises filled eBook, I might disappoint you mightily but if you need a Realistic  view into the world of blogging and honest advice about what can work, I’m your girl.

While the book is tailored for beginners, people who already have a blog going and might not be having the success that they’d like, could possibly pick up some pointers too.

Are you ready to start your blog today? Yes, even if you hate writing

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