This 100 PAGE eBook will help you turn what you know and love to talk about into a blog even with a 9-5 schedule


Everyone keeps talking about how blogging has changed their life even with a 9-5 life but no one is showing you how to join the circle of smart bloggers

You have a lot to share with the rest of the world and also build your audience as a student or busy entrepreneur but you don't even know how to get started.



  • Three years of blogging experience
  • Faith and Lifestyle Blogger
  • Over 10 students graduated from Newbie to blog boss online course
  • Certified Writer and Elocutionist
  • A Passionate Teacher/Coach
  • Book Project Consultant
  • Website Designer
  • Email Marketing Enthusiast
  • SEO Consultancy
  • Founder of DBC Academy and Facebook group
  • DBC Academy is a home for aspiring writers and online creatives

Precious Ngozika Oli

(B.A Linguist. Certified Elocutionist)

Blogging about what you know and love is a sure way to build a ready audience for your digital products and contents. Smart blogging shows you how to blog even if you don't have time at all.

The challenges facing you now are mastering those jargons around SEO, Google analytics and traffic driving strategies.

Here are some of the questions that scares you from starting a blog:

  1. How do I start a blog on low income as a student?
  2. How do I find a niche that fits into my passion?
  3. How do I sustain my blog for years?
  4. Where do I find topics to blog about?
  5. How do I blog while juggling a 9-5 job?
  6. What if I don’t know how to write?
  7. How do I drive traffic to my blog without ranking on google first page?
  8. What if I don’t know anything about SEO and Analytics?
Blog your heart out eBook answers all your questions and more. it is your one way ticket to a stress-free blog life while juggling your 9-5 schedule
  • How to set up and design your blog on your own even if you are not tech-savvy
  • How to choose a domain name your Nigerian audience can resonate with and you can build a brand around
  • How to choose a profitable and smart niche
  • One platform to drive daily traffic to your blog which several Nigerian bloggers do not know about
  • Step by Step guide to drive traffic to your blog per month without ranking on google
  • Digital products you can create in 24 hours from your blog
  • How to design optimized graphics for your blog posts
  • How to measure your traffic and analytics
  • How to optimize your blog posts for possible ranking on google first page-Basic SEO strategy for your new blog
  • How to write your blog posts in few hours even if you are not a good writer
  • How to set up your blog email list and get your first 100 subscribers

Here's the fun part: you will also get 4 amazing bonuses which includes my Canva templates- eBook and blog post graphics design templates. You will also get a free video tutorial for your Canva and Pinterest set up

A Full 15 paged canva designed eBook done for you. You can easily edit the contents and create your first led magnet for your email list or your first digital product

A simple done for you Pinterest graphics template for your blog posts. Just open up in Canva and edit using the bonus video tutorial

An easy; step by step video tutorial to guide you on the topic of setting up your Pinterest account. Also, to help you design your very first Canva template.



Hey! Here's a personal story around my blogging journey

My blogging journey isn’t your typical motivational tale of grass to grace. I started blogging out of pure stay home boredom while waiting for youth service call up letter and juggling a 9 to 5, sometimes weekend affairs as the manager of a catering company.

The pay was good but I was bored. Facebook was a good place to blow off steam and fill the earth with better information until I read an article written by one of my favorite coaches and blogging became an are of interest. An escape from boredom and almost raging insanity.

Then I ran into a high wall of ignorance and blank knowledge of the world of blogging, design, writing blog pots, email build up, measuring traffic etc. I spent nights on my laptop trying several things to see what works. 

You know what? you won’t have to go through all that stress.

Having answered the DMs of several pick my brain gang on how to start a blog. I decided to package the tiny details and even the ones that most bloggers do not know about into this tiny eBook for your personal consumption.

I can guarantee that reading the scoops and gist contained in my tiny eBook will change the face of blogging for you. You will have our first bog set up in 20 minutes.

I love to be called the smart blogger but some persons have deferred that to call me the blog queen. I have two blogs to my credit.

Never worry that this book is coming from from one dude with zero tears and experiences of the long hours on the screen and hunt for ranking. I’ve been there and still there

I have asked all the questions in your head and answered them in this eBook. Expect nothing complex and everything beginners basic like your A B C recitation

On a good day, I like Nsala soup with a touch of smoked fish over a fine chilled bottle of coke. I’m an indoors girl but my pen knows how to throw down.

Stop wasting data, let me show you how to build a brand on your blog. Blogging is for everyone: Relationship, personal, food, lifestyle,  health, fashion, style, faith…The list goes on

If the eBook is as good as they say; why is it pegged at 1000 naira?

Let's just say that I don't want you to have an excuse for not starting your blog this month.

The Clock is ticking-Tick Tock!


Do you want to get in now or pay me extra fee,later?

Even a dummy can read and understand this eBook. Yes, it is for total beginners. No big words!

I bet you didn't know that 1k can change the course of your life,right/


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