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Create your own digital products, build a profitable blogging businesses and sell your published assets

Hi, I Am Precious Oli

I am the lead strategist and creator of Digital Bloggers and online creatives Academy. I am a blogging growth strategist & book consultant

With a background (and a degree) in Linguistics,  certifications and trainings in writing cum digital communications and published assets. I have an unrestricted  passion for experimenting with content creation and book writing, I’ve built this blog as a platform to share all my blogging strategies that will get you jumping for joy

I help digital entrepreneurs, writers, authors, bloggers and online creatives gain clarity in their niche, learn proven strategies to drive massive traffic to their blog, build readership, become self-published author, monetize their published assets and increase cashflow through their blogs with my free content, online eCourses & eBooks or 1-on-1 via blog coaching sessions.

My dream is to raise and empower more great content creators especially female creatives to grow their own digital products, create profitable blogging businesses and sell their published assets


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These are areas I can serve you better and you'll find me doing it for the next 50 years. Of course, I'll be sitting in a cozy empre with over 1000+ staff at your beck and success

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