10 Skills You Need As a Content/Digital Creator in 2021

10 Skills You Need As a Content/Digital Creator in 2021

Just ignore the year I used and jump right into 10 skills you need as a content/digital creator in 2021. Oloun, I’m too lazy to come back and edit the post next year. Does it make sense to you? just read on anyway.

Who is a Content Creator

To the question, who on God’s green earth is a Content creator? I won’t leave you in the dark and random guesses. Believe me, the first time I heard the term content creator, I also wondered who these guys were and what they do. To simplify it, a content creator is someone who is responsible for the creation of digital information for social platforms.

They usually target a audience in specific niches. You can find content creators in fashion and lifestyle industries, blogging industry, food industry, heath communities, leadership, relationship and love affairs. Anyone who basically fills the gap of information and supplying answers to the bugging question in the heart of individuals within a specific context is a content creator.

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What being a content/digital creator entails.

Being a creator of any sort comes with a lot of demands, smart pants, necessary skill basket and requirements. You just got to stay on your toes and get yourself acquainted with everything that is ongoing in the industry. From knowing the trends and creating compelling content around it to solving the demands of the target audience within your niche.

Girl, you cannot be caught ‘unfresh’ anytime or you will suffer gbas gbos from your readers who will give you the snobby eyes of who is she writing for. If you don’t possess these skills, you stand on the edge of getting only “God bless you for this, nice one and more grace to your elbow”.

Like dude! Which content creator wants to receive those obvious lines after spending close to 5 hours churning what she considers a great content? Haba! Fear God small.

Anyway, this is really about you now, if you have plans of being a known creator or even staying in the face of your target audience all the time. You need to acquire at least 2 of these skills. Not just to acquire it but be a ‘shaolin temple master’ at it.

Be the damn boss and knock everyone off the ring, get em and knock their socks off. You wanna rock the content world right? Are you ready to find out the skills you need as a digital creator? Let’s get to it immediately

10 Skills You Need To rock the Content/Digital world

  • Be human, act human and write like a human being– Most creators always neglect the most important fact; which is, that they are creating contents for humans beings with brains, eyes and feelings. You have to work smart to evoke their curiosity and get them asking questions or taking actions through your creative skills.

The type of content you create will determine whether you employ formal or informal tone. Above all, ensure your content is tailored with at least one person in mind. Right now, as I punch my keyboards; fighting to remember every tiny gist meant for you, I have created the picture of a young woman who happens to be a budding content creator, seated across my desk for a 1 on 1 coaching session.

That way, I can remember that this content must satisfy her questions and make her better. My best advice? Think of one person who desperately needs your content. Most creatives are used to using dry, posh language.

They forget that on the other side that the human reading the content could be relaxed in front of the television after a long day, drowning herself in a bucket of vanilla ice cream, (wow, I suddenly crave ice cream) and perhaps swearing at life. This person wants to be informed but also be inspired, or laugh or find something out quickly without having to read/listen to it twice.

  • SEO Skills (Search engine optimization) – You probably dropped your jaw right now wondering why I had to put the dreaded SEO skill. Some of my friends call me the queen of SEO because I dare not talk about content and blogging without sneaking in one or two comments about SEO.

The truth is, I used to hate SEO too. You know what they say? When you can’t learn a particular thing, you turn to hate it with passion. Kinda what we do with mathematics and math teachers.

Take it or leave it, you need to acquire SEO skills. From optimizing your posts to alt images. Smart creatives are always on top of the SEO trends and even ahead pf it.  After all, even the best content won’t be effective if readers can’t find it.

It’s important to know how to craft SEO-friendly titles and descriptions, use keywords effectively and keep up with Google’s latest algorithm changes.

  • Compelling and smart writing skills– you must have heard me mention it a couple of times that you don’t have to be a great writer to become a blogger. I bet you also see this additional phrase that once you start blogging, you definitely have to be a smart writer.

There is a vast difference between a good writer who understands verbs and sentence structures and being a smart writer. To become that digital or content creator who is highly sought after, you should possess the ability to write smartly. Smart writing teaches you to target compelling headlines, emotional triggers and magnetic close statements that will get your readers drooling for more.

Have you ever read one of those articles which has a gentle and subtle buildup of arguments, storytelling and narrative that you just can’t stop reading? You should aim to be that person

  • Editing skills– Your article isn’t done without a great and in-depth third eye view of editing. You have to learn the art of emotionally detangling from your article to enable yourself find out the errors and edit without mercy.

Our bane as writers is getting attached to every word in a work that you find it difficult to let go of any word because it sounds right. If you can’t discipline your child, send him to someone else.

Ask another person to help you edit the work and you’ll be glad you did. An edited work eliminates sand from a well-cooked pot of jollof rice. Nobody wants to lose their teeth swallowing your stony rice. Put that article on the chopping block and scream, you have ben chopped! (Mehn, I love that ‘chopped’ cooking show on food network)

  • Analytical and deep thinking skills– There are days I spend hours just brainstorming alone and writing out possible questions you could have; challenges I can help proffer a perspective to.

Your ability to think of possible issues which your target audience are currently facing is what makes you that smart content creator we all love and adore. Have you ever read a post where someone quickly summarized your midnight tears?

You just exhale, smile and roll around too because you have finally found the answers you seek. Don’t be lazy in thoughts, engage your mind and you will be so surprised at how much you can come up with.

  • Storytelling skills-Stories sells as quick as lightening. If I were to write about my supposed trip to Italy. I will start with a romantic storyline that can attract you and glue you to the lines. It is that magnetic flair in storytelling that content writers always aim for.
  • Design skills– With Canva, everyone is a designer. From designing carousels, lead magnets to single content images on Instagram, Facebook or your own blog, designs are not negotiable.

It is the first thing that your readers see. It possesses the convincing power to either cause the reader to click the link or look away. Most persons will tell that you that sexy pictures sell most of the times, I say don’t hang your content on sex and all that boojie stuff. Find good pictures, illustrations and whip your stuff on Canva; nice and good.

  • Follow up and lead magnet skills– yeah! I totally made that lead magnet part up. Do you possess the skill to increase your email list? I know you don’t really care about building your email list. Permit me to burst your bubbles, your money is in the email list you have refused to build.

 It is tied to that free eBook or digital product you are yet to release to your audience to make them type @gmail.com in your sign up form. Again, collecting leads is one thing and following them up is another.

I suck at follow ups too but blogging and email list building made me cultivate the skill of follow-up. Checking my inner circle, sending updates and freebies at will. Yeah! You should build it too. That reminds me, get my free eBook by clicking this link to join the inner circle

  • Engagement skills– Boo, unless you are a celebrity and well known influencer with lots of money in her purse and absolutely no need for her target audience to say hello on her content again. You have no right to ignore your followers or ignore their comments.

Engagements will make or break you. Either you learn to smile and chat along with those tiny comments in your posts or you pack up your bag and leave the internet space because it isn’t for you man.

Secondly, don’t just count on the number of followers you have today, bank instead on the engagements you receive from them and their response to your content and products. Followers are important but not more valuable than engagements.

  • Social Media Skills– Nowadays, the world of social media has become one big arena for public conversations. As a creator, you can use that advantage to engage people with your brand and content also inform them about your product or service. A smart content/digital creator knows that there’s more to social media than just posting regularly and consistently.

I’m gonna draw the curtain here and allow you go work on the ones I have written already. Did I miss any skill? Let me know in the comment section below.

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